FS410 Chelation Resin


FS410 is a high purity, premium grade, weak acid macroporous type chelating resin with aminophosphonic groups.

This product is designed to be used to remove hardness from brine, has high capacity for Ca and Mg.

The aminophosphonic chelating resins have a greater affinity for certain cations, and form more stable complexes with cations of low atomic mass metals than their iminodiacetic resin counterparts.



  • Remove hardness from brine -high capacity for Ca and Mg


FS410 Chelation Resin
Polymer StructureMacroporous crosslinked polymer
Functional GroupAminophosphonic Acid
Ionic FormNa+
AppearanceSpherical Beads
Particle Size (mm)0.425-1.25 ≥95%
Note: Other particle size ranges are also available.
Uniformity Coefficient1.6 max.
Moisture Content52-58%
Total Capacity (eq/l)Chelated Ca - 0.50 min.
Shipping Weight (g/l)740
Specific Density (g/ml)1.12
Reversible Swelling, H+→Na+50% max.
pH Range0-14
Temperature Limit90℃ max.

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