FMB401 Ready To Use Mixed Beds


FMB401 is a high quality resin mixture for direct purification of water.

Passage of water at recommended flow rates through the resin as supplied can achieve almost complete reduction of total dissolved solids. The residuals produce average conductivity values of about 0.1 µs cm-1 for a major portion of the service run which may be extended depending upon the final water quality acceptable.

Equivalent volumes of ultra pure water may be obtained after regeneration but only if sufficient regenerant quantities are employed to achieve the percentage conversion levels equivalent to those of the “as supplied” resin.
Generally acceptable capacity and quality is obtained economically at lower regeneration.


  • EDM Operations / Spot-free Rinsing


FMB401 Ready To Use Mixed Bed Resin
Polymer StructureGel polystyrene crosslinked with DVBGel polystyrene crosslinked with DVB
Functional GroupSulfuric AcidQuaternary Amine, Type I
Ionic FormH+OH-
AppearanceSpherical Beads
Particle Size (mm)0.315-1.25 ≥95%0.315-1.25 ≥95%
Uniformity Coefficient1.60 max.1.60 max.
ComponentFC108-H 40%FA127-OH 60%
Moisture Content49-55%47-55%
Total Capacity (eq/l)2.00 min. (Na+)1.35 min. (Cl-)
Shipping Weight (g/l)720
pH Range0-14

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