FDG-1 Styrene-DVB Copolymer Bead


This is the free movement of round particles, with good elasticity, anti-extrusion, foaming non-abrasive do not, do not wear equipment, non-fluorescent, insoluble in water, oil, acid, alkali, no toxicity, no pollution.



  • Drilling lubrication
  • Grinding Media
  • Precision Fillers


Styrene-DVB Copolymer Bead
Ionic FormSolid bead spheres
Functional GroupNone
AppearanceSemi-transparent to white
Particle Size (mm)0.3-1.0
Specific Density (g/ml)1.06-1.13
Thermal Stable200℃ min.
Solubility in WaterInsoluble
Compressive Strength70 N
Round Ball Ratio95% min.

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