Condensate Polishing Resin


Condensate Polishing is a specialty application where ion exchange resins are used for removal of corrosion transport products as well as removal of trace ionic impurities. This requires the use of resins that have excellent filtration characteristics as well as ion exchange capacity, and that can withstand the high temperatures and flow rates encountered in condensate systems.

Polishing resins must also have low levels of both organic and ionic impurities such that they do not leach any objectionable contaminants into the treated water.

FELITE CHINA offers a variety of coarse grade and uniform particle size resins specifically for condensate polishing. These resins are available in a variety of ionic forms such as ammonia and amine forms for cation resin and hydroxide form for anion resin, suitable for immediate use without preconditioning or regeneration.


  • Condensate Polishing


Condensate Polishing Resin
Polymer StructureMacroporous polystyrene crosslinked with DVBMacroporous polystyrene crosslinked with DVB
Functional GroupSulfuric AcidQuaternary Amine, Type I
Ionic FormH+OH-
AppearanceSpherical Beads
Particle Size (mm)0.50-1.25 ≥95%0.40-0.90 ≥95%
Uniformity Coefficient1.40 max.1.40 max.
Moisture Content50-60%64-73%
Total Capacity (eq/l)1.70 min.0.90 min.
Shipping Weight (g/l)760660
Specific Density (g/ml)1.181.08
pH Range0-140-14
Temperature Limit120℃ max.60℃ max.

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