FBD300 Catalyst Resin


FBD300 is a superior macroporous strong-acid catalyst resin which has been developed from poly(vinylbenzenesulfonate) cation exchangers. While ordinary commercial styrene-based sulphonic acid resins may often be used for chemical reactions catalysed by the H+ ion, faster process times, better yields and higher product purity.

FBD300 can be used directly in aqueous systems or in organic media after conditioning with a water miscible solvent.

Dry resin is also available(less than 5% moisture).


  • Etherification reactions
  • Fuel Ethers (MTBE, ETBE, TAME); Transesterification reactions; fatty acid esters
  • Olefin hydration
  • Light alcohols (IBA, IPA, SBA)


FBD300 Catalyst Resin Macroporous

Wet Beads

FEB300 Dry Catalyst Resin

Dry Beads

Polymer StructureMacroporous polystyrene crosslinked with DVB
Functional GroupSulfuric Acid
Ionic FormH+
AppearanceSpherical Beads
Particle Size (mm)0.425-1.25 ≥95%
Note: Other particle size ranges are also available.
Uniformity Coefficient1.6 max.
Moisture Content51-59%
Total Capacity (eq/kg)5.20 min.
Shipping Weight (g/l)750
Specific Density (g/ml)1.19
Specific Surface Area (m2/g)20-40
Pore Volume (ml/g)0.3
Reversible Swelling, Cl-→OH-20% max.
pH Range0-14
Temperature Limit130℃ max.

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