FA127 Strong Base Anion Gel, Type I


FA127 is a high capacity, shock resistant, gelular, Type I, strongly basic anion exchange resin supplied in the chloride or hydroxide form as moist, tough, uniform, spherical beads.

FA127 is intended for use in the hydroxide form for all types of deionizing systems as well as in the chloride form for removal of contaminants such as nitrate, arsenate, chromate, uranium, etc. It is similar to FA124 but has a higher volumetric capacity and exhibits lower TOC leach rates. This makes it the better performer in single use applications such as in cartridge deionization and when high levels of regeneration are used such as in polishing mixed beds.

On the other hand, FA127 is more resistant to organic fouling and gives higher operating capacities at low regeneration levels such as those used in make up demineralizers.


  • Industrial demineralization when regenerated with alkalis
  • Trace Contaminant, Sulfate, Nitrate Removal
  • Sugar Applications


FA127 Strong Base Anion Resin Gel
Polymer StructureGel polystyrene crosslinked with DVB
Functional GroupQuatemary Amine, Type I
Ionic FormCl- / OH-
AppearanceSpherical Beads
Particle Size (mm)0.315-1.25 ≥95%
Note: Other particle size ranges are also available.
Uniformity Coefficient1.6 max.
Moisture Content42-50% / 47-55%
Total Capacity (eq/l)1.35 min. / 1.10 min.
Shipping Weight (g/l)700 / 680
Specific Density (g/ml)1.08
Reversible Swelling, Cl-→OH-20% max.
pH Range0-14
Temperature Limit80℃ max. / 60℃ max.

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